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About Us

About Us

As a youth career development platform, CAYOP provides free access to meaningful opportunities to Canadian youth. We strive to promote youth skills development and thus, produce and deliver high-quality, value-additive educational and capacity-building materials. The purpose is to facilitate young people in translating every opportunity into success. We believe providing meaningful opportunities will help Canadian youth overcome skills shortages in their career pursuits.



Five key reasons why you should use Cayop:

  1. Free access to hundreds of local, national and international opportunities
  2. Get connected with successful local and global young leaders who are working on similar projects as you are
  3. Avail the opportunity of direct communication with opportunity providers and recruiters
  4. One-stop platform for nonformal education or job opportunities
  5. Tailored for youth. Led by youth!


How can you help?

The core of the Cayop team is young people like you: enthusiastic, responsible and active citizens who understand the importance of ‘Access to Information’ for self-development and appreciate our endeavor in this regard. You can help us by sharing our resources, submitting opportunities, and collaborating with us on projects.